Was Machiavelli a Realist?

Machiavelli can be considered a realist in the overarching sense to which the term constitutes a varied collection of thought concerning the way in which international actors conduct themselves on the international stage. Distinction should be made nonetheless between different types of realist thinking, principally between that of classical realist thought and neorealism. There are some fundamental differences between Machiavelli’s ideas on how states should … Continue reading Was Machiavelli a Realist?

Gender in Hip-hop

When exploring gender in Hip-Hop two things are blatantly obvious to me. Hip-Hop’s representation of what it is to be male or female is incredibly diverse and incredibly complicated. On the one hand you have an overwhelming masculine and feminine discourse that seems to pertain to the stereotypical white supremacist notion of black pathology. Yet coexisting amongst this seemingly racist narrative you have intricate and … Continue reading Gender in Hip-hop