Discovering Reiki and My Journey With It:

They lean back and raise an eyebrow. “Is it real or are you lying?” is the common reply. When I talk about Reiki, the way it works and my experience with it, I often get a lot of hesitation and rejection. Luckily, however, there are the few who rejoice in the fact they have met someone with similar interests and who can provide them with some (sometimes much needed) energy healing.

It began when I was around 17 years old and had had random heart palpitations from unnecessary nerves. I personally would not go as far as to have called it anxiety at that point in time. As anyone with it knows how unnerving it can be, I wanted to help treat it. Upon a quick online search, one of the top results was a post on Reiki. There was a warm feeling to the website, everything was written in a very easy-to-understand way with a video integrated showing beginners how to do it on yourself. (Please note, if you are not qualified/ attuned please do not try it on others, only yourself.). However, to this day I cannot find that page nor video!

Whilst the long-haired man was demonstrating, I also attempted it and continued it for longer that night. My hands were very hot instantly without me having to rub them together for 5 minutes straight, as instructed. Over the next few weeks, I noticed differences in my nerves as well as communication (my throat having been and still being the most blocked). I was speaking more freely and openly, with more intention and maturity, yet still with my same childish jokes, wit and slang. Little events did not trigger heart palpitations as much, nor would things irritate me as quickly. My dreams also began changing and developing into more meaningful encounters carrying deeper symbolic messsages for me to then wake up, remember and do dozens of online searches trying to decipher it all.

By this time, I was 19 years old and I decided to qualify. There was no pressure, no influence, absolutely nothing other than the fact that I just really felt I wanted to do it, not needed to. I told my teacher that even when I would simply think or say the word ‘Reiki’ my hands would go hot and she was stunned. During my Level 1 attunement, I saw images of something like an earthquake happening in Japan, 1-2 centuries ago, leading to lots of fires, children screaming, and people taking refuge in a big government-looking building. This was in a cartoon form, probably to protect me from the real, possibly horrifying, images. I saw ‘myself’ in robes, walking up the stairs ready to give Reiki to the people inside. That night I went home and researched what it could have been and pinned it down to likely being the Kanto earthquake that hit Japan in 1923 – also what prompted Reiki to become more well-known across Japan.

For my Level 2 attunement, I saw more on Dr. Usui’s family; his mother and father’s relationship, and saw beautiful imagery of his father taking his mother out on a little boat going past delicately falling cherry blossoms, as well as their family’s opposition to their marriage as they seemed to come from 2 different classes. Of course, I am unsure of the accuracy of any of these images, however these were what was shown to me during my attunement.

Shortly after, I began picking up on the odd message when giving a treatment. Sometimes it would come, sometimes not. Only after around 1-2 years did the messages start piling through. At first they were just physical messages such as “cracked tooth” and “fractured toe”, but eventually they became deeper, linking to the person’s mental and/or emotional states, their childhood experiences and the odd times, something to come in their future. This is the reason I began offering my own Reiki treatments as I felt ready to use my Reiki skills in the hopes of benefitting a lot of people by offering them guidance based on multiple factors such as physical/bodily guidance, emotional and mental clarity and justifying/ healing traumatic past experiences.

One unfortunate thing is that I am unable to get as many messages when doing Reiki on myself. Crazy, right?! However, I am just so grateful to be able to help people, some very much in need, on their way to becoming an even better version of themselves; the version that I believe is divine and always ready to come out and help you. If you would like a session yourself, please check out: I would be grateful to help you on your journey.

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