The Magic of Mushrooms: A Beginner’s Guide.

Before we leap head first down the rabbit hole that is the world of Magic Mushrooms I want to quickly make a short statement:

I have only been actively experimenting with these wonderful plants and their close relations for the past 4 years and only within the last year have I taken the idea of the ‘Trip’ more seriously, giving it the proper due care, respect and attention these plants deserve. These accounts/trip reports/guides are experiential and may not be conducive to each and every individual. The only way you know what works for you is to try things and observe the effects these ideas and practices have. If you like it, continue. If you don’t, drop it. It’s as simple as that. I am by no means professing to be an expert or specialist. My only goal here is to share and advocate anecdotal evidence about a plant that I believe, when used correctly, has many beneficial effects to one’s life and well-being. Now with that being said, let’s begin.

Set and setting:

I cannot stress the importance of your mind set and the environment you take these plants in enough. These things are probably the two most important components when it comes to how your experience whilst on these substances (the trip) will play out, apart from the state of the plant itself. For example if you’re taking mushrooms for the first time, don’t do it after a night out on the booze whilst semi-conscious in a ‘creepy’ field somewhere with your boisterous mates who are pinging off a tab each. That is a recipe for disaster and an unnecessarily unpleasant experience. The aim is to be as comfortable as you can be in the given moment; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can almost be guaranteed a good trip if you are in a place in your life where you are emotionally stable, physically healthy (diet is very important regarding this which we will discuss later on) and in a physical setting that is familiar, safe and relaxed. However this doesn’t discount the incredible healing applications mushrooms can have for those who are working through various ailments and illnesses particularly people suffering with depression and anxiety. I suggest you do some further research if you are coming from this position. In my own experience I have had an acute episode of psychosis before as well as stints of anxiety and depression (none whatsoever since adopting a proper practice) and have been fine with no relapse after multiple trips. If you are dealing with uncomfortable things from the past though, you have to accept that this may come up and will have to be properly integrated and worked through after the trip.


By this I am referring to how ‘clean’ your body is before your trip with regards to things like pollutants and toxicity levels. Do you mainly consume processed, high sugar, fatty foods or prepare your meals with balanced, whole food, nutritious organic ingredients? What does your body need to function well and are you getting these things on a regular basis? We can apply the purification idea to other substances as well such as alcohol, medications and other mind altering substances, the ideal being to avoid these things before a trip. (Disclaimer: do not suddenly come off any prescribed medication before a trip and research whether the medication you’re on is compatible with magic mushrooms as well as the contraindications of mixing the two). We should be aiming for our mind and bodies to be as nourished and healthy as our circumstances allow before the trip: good sleep, exercise, good diet, good habits, intentions, positive emotions and behaviours are the basics for this.

The Mushroom as a Sentient Being:

The next important thing to grasp is the idea of the mushroom you are ingesting being a conscious entity in and of itself. The experience is very much symbiotic and takes acknowledgement of this concept on your part to fully get the most from it. How would you treat or speak to or think about someone you loved? Would you do so with compassion or hate? The more you respect this idea the more the mushroom will respect you and potentially, all being well, gift you access to insights you could have never of fathomed in normal waking consciousness. The trip is very much a dialogue between two parties, co-creating an alternate reality. Be humble, remove your ego as best you can and allow this sacred ancient teacher to guide you. However this entity is not necessarily singular and in some cases there may seem like many different mushroom entities all operating at once. This fits with the plant’s natural ecology as each individual spore is connected to the colony (mycelium) of which the mushroom is only the fruit of this colony. We will discuss in future articles the differences between varying strains of mushrooms and their unique individual ‘personalities’.


After your trip, or even during if you can, it is important to record the insights you have been gifted and work through how they might apply in your life. You can see an interaction with the mushroom as a kind of pending download from source that needs to be made sense of in order to not create a backlog that could cause issues. The narrative of a trip does not conform to the normal everyday rules of information sharing and processing that we are accustomed to. Instead it operates from a kind of dream like archaic symbolic language. You need to take the time to translate the meaning. Meditate, do yoga, write, go for walks in nature and think about how this language applies to your life.


This will be our last category and I will keep it brief as will be discussing various ways you can raise your vibration and thus connection to the universe and all things in it as one of the main themes of this blog. Simply put, how close to you feel to your authentic self before you embark on the trip. Are you operating out of love or fear? Do you need to do some self-care before the trip to increase your well-being and general state of mind so that you feel able to accept things as they are and surrender to whatever happens? Do you know the language the universe speaks and are you operating at a high enough vibration (in terms of the matter that makes us up) to recognise it? Are you linked to the source of creation or separated? Do you feel good and can you feel love, gratitude and joy among other positive emotions?

In the event of a bad trip:

STAY CALM, breath and work through it. Mushrooms have a very low toxicity level and there have never been any reported deaths (ref:  You have the power within your mind to influence the trip and bring it back around, as above so below as within so without. If you can’t bring it back then you have to accept it for what it is. Try and see the higher purpose of why the mushroom has taken you down this road. What needs to be cleared and surrendered to? Vitamin C can help sober you up as well as eating and getting fluids. However if your set and setting is correct you should feel safe enough to continue the journey fairly comfortably. 

Peace and blessings be upon you.                 

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