Breaking free from illusion

As we proceed further towards our ultimate reconnection with source, an ancient consciousness is arising once again to lead our planet back to a state of harmony and peace.  This is through the energetic field of each individualised being who is willing to take the necessary steps towards their own purification, and grasp the personal integrity that lies just outside of shedding one’s own disharmonic and habituated vibrational patterns.

The search for the true self inevitably leads us to rekindle the ‘lost’ (blurred) knowledge and wisdom that our ancestors are ever-present in providing.  Breaking free from the illusory reality that many places throughout the [un]developed world today are propagating – whether knowingly or unknowingly – is the key to recollecting this sacred and holy way of experiencing life on earth, solely orientated towards growth in love and a thirst for the divine inspiration that lives and flows within each one of our beings.

The first step in this process is re-learning the language of nature and the universe, the original language that we are born from and the language that many of us today do not know how to speak.  The first step in learning this language lies in paying attention and listening; the signs, omens, and guidance is there every day, tailor made for us to follow, regardless of the state of consciousness we currently find ourselves in.  The parasites that exist through the toxins and addictions that are present in modern-day living make it extremely difficult for many humans to appreciate these signs, many passing them off as coincidence and this makes it extremely difficult to connect, or even accept the existence of the sea of divinity that we are immersed in.  Ironically enough, a deeper look into the most popular religion of modern society known as science, and some research into areas of quantum physics such as entanglement and the double-slit experiment, will no doubt bring one to a much different comprehension of science itself and the levels of reality that exist. 

An individuals’ reality is very much true to them in that moment, and attempts to force someone to change their whole locus of perception is an extremely difficult, even impossible task and can waste valuable energy.  As a younger man I was very much a staunch materialist-reductionist and would argue these views to the death with anyone that challenged them.  Different viewpoints, the introduction of certain role-models and connecting with sacred teacher plants (ganja + tobacco) went a long way to opening the mind and shaping the framework of the new reality that I lived in.  Further work with numerous plant medicines and a dramatic change in lifestyle has allowed the necessary growth to realise that the vibration that we live in is very much the one that we choose and allow to flow through us.  This process of purification is very much a personal one and each individual will follow their own unique path, for some it will be more convoluted and take longer than others, and other people will have a more straightforward and free-flowing path – all dependent on the type of healing and transformation that needs to take place, as well as how the individual chooses to act on certain knowledge that will reveal itself along the way. 

Ingestion is one of the most important things we can pay attention to when striving for a greater overstanding in these matters, not just the food we eat and the plants we inhale, but also the energies we are interacting with during everyday life – be that technology, people, or situations.  Monitoring of these components in life and paying attention to any energies which have a less-than-desired effect allows us to simply remove these energies from our experience and progress on towards that which truly serves us.  Stay alert.

Giving thanks,

Wishing you blessings,

One love


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