“Unlike mass, colour is not objective.” The views of Locke and Berkeley.

This question concerns the differences between the primary and secondary qualities of objects and how these differences relate to the idea of objectivity. According to Locke, mass is deemed to be a primary quality whilst colour is considered a secondary quality. Locke defines primary qualities as independent and necessary for existence; whereas secondary qualities are subjective. However, Berkeley defines primary and secondary qualities as interlinked … Continue reading “Unlike mass, colour is not objective.” The views of Locke and Berkeley.

Shamanism, Spirits, and The Quest For Knowledge

Shaman or saman is a term which originates from the Tungusian languages, first heard from explorers in the seventeenth century who spent time among the Tungusian tribes of eastern Siberia (Laufer, 1917, p.361).  The term itself means “one who is excited, moved, raised” (Walsh, 1989, p.2), commonly used by anthropologists to refer to those individuals of a particular society who use ecstatic and visionary states … Continue reading Shamanism, Spirits, and The Quest For Knowledge

Was Machiavelli a Realist?

Machiavelli can be considered a realist in the overarching sense to which the term constitutes a varied collection of thought concerning the way in which international actors conduct themselves on the international stage. Distinction should be made nonetheless between different types of realist thinking, principally between that of classical realist thought and neorealism. There are some fundamental differences between Machiavelli’s ideas on how states should … Continue reading Was Machiavelli a Realist?

The Magic of Mushrooms: A Beginner’s Guide.

Before we leap head first down the rabbit hole that is the world of Magic Mushrooms I want to quickly make a short statement: I have only been actively experimenting with these wonderful plants and their close relations for the past 4 years and only within the last year have I taken the idea of the ‘Trip’ more seriously, giving it the proper due care, … Continue reading The Magic of Mushrooms: A Beginner’s Guide.

Breaking free from illusion

As we proceed further towards our ultimate reconnection with source, an ancient consciousness is arising once again to lead our planet back to a state of harmony and peace.  This is through the energetic field of each individualised being who is willing to take the necessary steps towards their own purification, and grasp the personal integrity that lies just outside of shedding one’s own disharmonic … Continue reading Breaking free from illusion

Gender in Hip-hop

When exploring gender in Hip-Hop two things are blatantly obvious to me. Hip-Hop’s representation of what it is to be male or female is incredibly diverse and incredibly complicated. On the one hand you have an overwhelming masculine and feminine discourse that seems to pertain to the stereotypical white supremacist notion of black pathology. Yet coexisting amongst this seemingly racist narrative you have intricate and … Continue reading Gender in Hip-hop

Meditation: A case study from an occupational science stand point.

In this essay the link between activity and well-being will be looked at through the lens of meditation and mindfulness practice. Firstly the concept of well-being will be defined for use in this analysis. This definition, whilst not necessarily fact and open to interpretation, will form the basis of what will be considered ‘well-being’ and thus govern how activity impacts on the specific criteria determined … Continue reading Meditation: A case study from an occupational science stand point.